ESG Barometer 2023

From ESG to competitiveness

Stay updated on the latest ESG reporting trends and progress in the OMX Copenhagen 25 Index, and learn about the three major findings of the 2022 sustainability reports.


There is an increase in the scope of responsibility and commitment to long-term goals.


A stronger anchoring and increased depth in the internal organisation of the ESG work streams.


A rise in the desire to share knowledge across the value chain.

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About the ESG Barometer

ESG Barometer 2023 is an analysis of the 2022 ESG reporting of the largest and most traded shares on NASDAQ Copenhagen, OMX C25. It follows the ESG targets, milestones and initiatives from the companies that must first comply to EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

The merger between Make® and We Love People now results in the ESG Barometer being published under the Make® brand.

This merger also enables us to assist companies in various aspects, from developing their brand position to expanding their presence across channels, all while ensuring the integration of accountability as a key component of their strategy.

Regarding the ESG Barometer 2023, we extend our gratitude to Birgitte Mogensen for her ongoing and valuable collaboration.


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